Crypto currency today. Top three leaders 11/06/2017

The daily heading “Crypto-currencies today. Three Leaders »publishes the most promising blockchain startups and altcoyins with the highest capitalization (We excluded from this statistics currency standards, such as Bitcoin and Ether).

Today the market leaders are:

Ripple (XRP) has a capitalization of 1039.523 BTC or 1228839.012 $ USD, today this Crypto currency has grown by almost 2% (+1.45) against the US dollar $ USD. Despite the still high capitalization, the global decline of Ripple is projected. Recommended for investment.

Litecoin (LTC) has a capitalization of 732.821 BTC or 1110051.774 $ USD, today this currency has fallen in price by almost 0.5% (-0.43) against the US dollar $ USD. LiteCoin is a stable currency. Not recommended for long-term investments.

Stellar (STR) has a capitalization of 823.399 BTC or 498535.800 $ USD, today this currency fell more than 1% (-1.69) against the US dollar $ USD. Not a stable currency with sustained global growth. Not recommended for medium and long-term investments.

For super profits today, we recommend the following popular start-ups:

  1. POLYMERIUM – a project that successfully combines several functions. Development of autochthmy and control over its quality is in progress. This means that for tokens you will be able to purchase guaranteed quality auto chemistry, and not fake. The projected profit is 21000%, and the ICO is scheduled to start on December 1.
  2. Coal Coin with their koin CC3, the projected profit will be from the current value of more than 30,000% at the end of 2017. You can buy coins on the official website of before ICO, during the ICO and after the ICO on the Polo and Bitrex exchanges. The earlier the purchase the higher the final profit.
  3. SCORUM – this is great news for those who are involved in sports or sports events. Bets are made without additional commissions, the authors of sports articles and their readers are rewarded with tokens, and statistics and forecasts of events are checked by artificial intelligence. The beginning of ICO – January 14, the forecasted profit is 17000%.

Our site is not responsible for the result of your investments, we only provide information and conclusions of leading industry experts. Blockchain is just gaining popularity and in the course of this process is constantly undergoing changes related to hyper growth in the market of crypto-currencies. From the editorial board, we add that it is difficult to lose money in a growing market, but nevertheless we recommend that you listen to the expertise of the audited specialists, so you will not only lose your money, but also effectively invest it.