The man who will make a memorial diamond out of your ashes

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Dmitry’s activity is the creation of precious stones from dead bodies.

Dmitry is 34 years old, and he is the creator as well as executive director of Urmydiamond, which, in fact, is a funeral home located in the English city of Yorkshire.

Dmitry’s company is a leader in the creation of «memorial diamonds.» Here is what the site of Memorial Diamonds says (which means “memory in stone” in Aramian): “If you want to die luxuriously, we will transform your dust into a synthetic diamond using the latest technology.”


Diamonds from the ashes

Prices in the company are very different, from 5,000 to 22,000 dollars, depending on what size of diamond you want to convert. The price also includes packing the stone in a noble wooden case.


Usually, blue diamonds are obtained from ashes.

Here, however, your loved ones can choose: leave you lying in a box or insert the resulting stone into a pendant or ring so that you are always there.

Each year, the company’s laboratory receives 850 urns with ashes, so that after a few months they will leave it as a jewel.


It is worth noting that the ever-increasing population of the globe, as well as the lack of land, question the continued existence of traditional cemeteries.

It is likely that in the future the burial problem will be solved precisely with the help of such jewelry tombs.

Here is what Dmitry himself tells about his work.

How did you come up with the idea of creating diamonds from dead people?


By chance. About ten years ago I studied at the Faculty of Economics. One of the teachers gave me to read an article by a famous Russian scientist, which dealt with the creation of synthetic diamonds for their further use in the semiconductor industry.

In the article, he told how such diamonds can be obtained from the ashes. But I misunderstood the author, deciding that we are talking about human dust, although he had in mind plant ash.


I liked what I read and asked the professor for additional information on this topic, I was interested in the stages of the process of creating diamonds from human dust.

The teacher immediately explained that I misunderstood the essence of the article, however, we both came to the conclusion that my mistake was worth attention. Then we went to the author of the article, who had the equipment for creating diamonds in GB.

Together we began to do what later turned into Urmydiamond.


Why were you attracted to the idea of ​​creating diamonds from ashes?

Diamonds are a precious, pure stone. Of course, they are fundamentally different from modern cemeteries with a huge number of graves, as well as abandoned burials, among which you do not feel any connection with the deceased loved one.

I was inspired by the idea that dead bodies need to be turned into something that will be nice to look at and that you want to touch.

Moreover, a diamond is stored for a very long time, so it can be passed on from generation to generation. Diamond cannot be scattered by negligence, as often happens with ash after cremation.

In other words, you are talking about the eternity of diamonds.


I do not like the word «eternity» because it is more about the religious sphere. In our case, it is rather correct to say «inviolability». Our diamonds are an indestructible memory, but in the end, all the same, it depends on the relatives of the deceased whether his memory will be alive.

What about process technology? How exactly is the process of creating a synthetic diamond from human ashes?

All stages of the process take place here in Switzerland. After cremation, the ashes of man come to us.

In accordance with the legislation of the state of the deceased, we receive either in one urn in full, or in two urns, which are sent at different times. This is done in order to avoid the loss of all dust under force majeure circumstances.


Then the dust is treated with special chemicals to collect all the carbon from it. After that, carbon is converted to graphite using high temperature.

The last stage is the placement of graphite in a special machine that reproduces the conditions of the millennial formation of diamonds in the bowels of the Earth, namely: incredibly high pressure and temperature (about 1,500 degrees Celsius).

Diamonds from the ashes
After a few weeks or months, we get the finished stone.


How large can a stone be reproduced in your laboratory?

Most often, in its raw form, it is a 4-carat diamond, which after cutting becomes 1-carat. There are fewer cases when it is possible to create a stone of 1.6 and even 1.8 carats, but this is the exception rather than the rule.

What determines the size of the resulting diamond?

As a rule, the value of diamond directly depends on the time spent by graphite in the apparatus. That is, the longer it is inside, the greater its value as a result.

But no less important is the quality of the source material. For example, if a person wore any prostheses or took certain medications, then his ashes will not be so clean, and, accordingly, the quality of a diamond will be worse.


These factors also affect the color of the stone. For example, a diamond from the ashes of a person who was undergoing chemotherapy turns out to be lighter. But we do not know for sure what determines the color of a diamond.

Stones, as a rule, have a blue tint due to the presence of boron in the body of the deceased, however, each person turns into an absolutely unique stone, the color of which varies from completely transparent to almost black.

What is the difference between your stones and real diamond?

Our stones are also real, because absolutely all chemical and physical properties of diamonds are inherent in them. Of course, our stones are synthetic, that is, created by man, therefore they have less value.

However, with the naked eye our diamond cannot be distinguished from natural. Even an experienced jeweler will not be able to do this. They can only be distinguished by chemical screening, which will tell if the origin of the stone was natural or not.


Is it possible to make several diamonds from one person?

Yes, it’s real, because to create one diamond you need only two grams of carbon. Some of our clients, especially the Japanese, often make this request because they want every member of the family to have a memorial stone.

In theory, based on the quantity and quality of human dust, you can get about 50 stones, however, in practice, our best result to date is nine stones created from one person.

What do you think is the reason that people use your services?

In most cases, this decision is not made by the deceased himself, but by members of his family, most often mothers or wives. The main reason voiced by customers is the desire that a piece of a loved one is always there.

However, there are those who wish to become a diamond while still alive. Often these are those who suffer from an incurable disease and know that they will soon leave for another world.